What Does Permitting Mean?

What does permissible mean?


that can be permitted; allowable: a permissible amount of sentimentality under the circumstances; Such behavior is not permissible!.

Does permitted mean allowed?

Permit means to allow. To permit means to let someone do something. … It comes from the Latin permittere which means “give up, allow to pass through.” You might feel like you “gave up” when you permitted your brother to enter your room.

What is the meaning of parmeet?

Parmeet is a Hindu Boy name and it is Hindi originated name with multiple meanings. Parmeet name meaning is God Gift; Wisdom.

What is a synonym for allowed?

əˈlaʊ) Let have. Synonyms. give let vouchsafe grant allowance permit countenance. Antonyms. forbid take deny dematerialise stay in place.

What is permissible area?

Law Dictionary Home Dictionary Definition permissible-area Permissible area, in relation to a land-owner or a tenant, means thirty standard acres and where such thirty standard acres on being converted into ordinary acres exceeds sixty acres such sixty acres.

What does legally permissible mean?

If something is permissible, it is considered to be acceptable because it does not break any laws or rules. Religious practices are permissible under the Constitution. Synonyms: permitted, acceptable, legitimate, legal More Synonyms of permissible.

How do you use weather permitting in a sentence?

We’ll have the party outside, weather permitting . I’m playing golf this afternoon – weather permitting . We will go out for a walk, weather permitting. I’ll come tomorrow, weather permitting . We’re having a barbecue next Saturday, weather permitting.More items…•

What does Time permitting mean?

“When time permits” is a polite way of saying that you’re going to do something when you have the time. “When time permits, please finish the survey I sent out to you all.” “I’ll get started on the project when time permits.” (

How do you use permitting in a sentence?

Permitting sentence examplesabove water, permitting the tallest masts of lake shipping to pass. … At the inn at Yankovo he respectfully took leave of her, for the first time permitting himself to kiss her hand.More items…

What’s the opposite of permit?

What is the opposite of permit?constrainenjoinsuppressvetocondemncontradictdenydifferdisagreedisapprove88 more rows

What is another word for group?

Group Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for group?batchbunchcrowdconsortgatheringflockthrongswarmbevyUScrew215 more rows

What is weather dependent?

Cold temperatures and wet/rainy weather affects the schedule of road work, not just day-to-day, but at times, hour to hour. Much of the material used for pavement preservation treatments and resurfacing is weather and temperature dependent and therefore cannot be applied until conditions are warm and dry.

What does permit mean in a sentence?

Permit is defined as an official document that allows you to do or have something. An example of a permit is a gun license. An example of a permit is a city-issued allowance for a parade.

What does weather permitting mean?

: if the weather is good enough to allow it The picnic will be held at the park, weather permitting.

What’s another word for permitting?

Permitting Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus….What is another word for permitting?consentingallowingsanctioningtoleratinglenientpermissive3 more rows

What is the meaning of Premit?

(obsolete) To premise. verb.

What does it mean if something is not permitted?

When something is prohibited, it’s not allowed. If you see the sign “Swimming is prohibited,” stay out of the water. Whether used as a verb (“You prohibited your friend from entering”) or an adjective (“The prohibited word escaped your lips”), prohibited means something was forbidden — a no-no.

What does if your schedule permits mean?

It means “if and when there is enough time to allow [the thing] to be carried out or done.” “When time permits” is just another way of saying the shorter “time-permitting.”

What does morally permissible mean?

Something is morally right if it’s morally permissible, and morally wrong if it’s morally impermissible. … Permitted [means] behavior that is within the bounds of the moral system. It is morally permitted to act in any way that does not cause others unjustified harms.

What is the easy definition of weather?

noun. the state of the atmosphere with respect to wind, temperature, cloudiness, moisture, pressure, etc. a strong wind or storm or strong winds and storms collectively: We’ve had some real weather this spring.