Quick Answer: What Is The Proper Way To Size An Oral Airway For A Child?

How do you size an oral airway?

Select the proper size airway by measuring from the tip of the patient’s earlobe to the tip of the patient’s nose.

The diameter of the airway should be the largest that will fit.

To determine this, select the size that approximates the diameter of the patient’s little finger..

When would an oral airway be used?

An oropharyngeal airway (oral airway, OPA) is an airway adjunct used to maintain or open the airway by stopping the tongue from covering the epiglottis. In this position, the tongue may prevent an individual from breathing.

What happens if an OPA is too big?

In order to effectively use an OPA, you must have an understanding of its purpose, and ensure it is suitable for your patient. Incorrect sizing of an OPA will result in either ineffective oropharynx patency if it is too small, or could cause trauma or impinge on the epiglottis if it is too big.

How do you size a Guedel Airway?

Guedel airway insertion The correct size oropharyngeal airway is chosen by measuring against the patient’s head (the flange is aligned with the centre of the lips and the tip to the angle of the jaw). The airway is then inserted into the patient’s mouth upside down.