Quick Answer: What Does Verdure Mean In Spanish?

What does Arre mean in Spanish slang?

Arre: this word has different meanings: as a affirmation or to give emphasis to say good bay.

example: -Vamos al cine.

– Arre!.

translation: Let’s go to the movies.

_for sure/ ok/ let’s go!.

Te la tiras: A term used in people showing off their skills or achievements..

What does Cavacha mean?

Cavacha is a type of rhythm found in the popular music of Zaire and Kenya. It is a fast-paced rhythm typically played on a drum kit, often with the snare drum or hi hat. … Locally in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the rhythm Cavasha is referred as MACHINI YA KAUKA,meaning literally from Lingala: “The Engine of Kauka”.

What does Chulito mean in English?

(Spain, colloquial, of people) Diminutive of chulo; cocky (overly confident, arrogant and boastful)

What does Grunon mean in Spanish?

noun. person who endlessly whines or complains.

What does Cova mean in Spanish?

co·va Feminine – Noun – Singular Plural: covas. Translate “cova” to English: bluefish, Pomatomus saltatrix. Spanish Synonyms of “cova”: anchoa de banco, anoja, anjora, anjova, chova, pez anjora, pez chova.