Quick Answer: What Clothes To Wear In Krakow?

What should I buy in Poland?

12 Things You Can Only Buy in PolandBison grass vodka.

Obwarzanek Krakowski.

Oscypek sheep’s cheese.

Home Army anchor pin.

Salt from the Wieliczka Salt Mine.

Traditional Polish wood carvings.

Tankard emblazoned with a white eagle.

Gdansk amber.More items…•.

How much is a beer in Poland?

Beer (500ml) generally costs anywhere from 4zl-10zl, or 8zl to 13/14zl in the main square. In a normal bar near the Rynek it’s usually 7 or 8zl. This is for Polish brands, Carlsberg (The only foreign on usually available) is more expensive.

How much spending money do I need for Krakow?

A vacation to Krakow for one week usually costs around zł1,904 for one person. So, a trip to Krakow for two people costs around zł3,807 for one week. A trip for two weeks for two people costs zł7,615 in Krakow.

Is Poland cheap for shopping?

If you are from the US, Ireland, UK or anywhere in Europe you might be wondering can I buy things cheaper in Poland. My answer is yes generally. I will back this up by data found on numbeo.com. However, it is not just about finding a cheap price, but quality and the things you will actually use or enjoy.

What’s the weather like in Krakow in April?

What is the temperature in April in Kraków? In April, the average high-temperature is 14°C (57.2°F), and the average low-temperature is 3.9°C (39°F).

What clothes to wear in Poland?

What to Wear in PolandJeans teamed with lighter layers for the summer – try camisoles, t-shirts and light knitwear – and warmer ones for the winter e.g. long-sleeved tops and a sweater, will serve as a versatile base to your wardrobe.Add in a smarter outfit such as a smart dress or pants and shirt for more formal occasions.More items…

Can you wear shorts in Krakow?

Related: What are the most popular tours in Krakow? Shorts, mini-skirts, sandals, flip-flops etc. are perfectly OK and worn by many locals in Krakow in summer – obviously only on hot days and not in formal occasions.

How much money do I need for a week in Poland?

A vacation to Poland for one week usually costs around zł1,829 for one person. So, a trip to Poland for two people costs around zł3,658 for one week.

Can Euros be used in Krakow?

Poland’s national currency in the złoty. While Poland joined the European Union in 2004, the country doesn’t use the Euro. …

Is alcohol cheap in Krakow?

Wherever you buy it, beer and spirits are likely to comparatively cheap in Kraków. There are tourist-friendly bars all over the Old Town and Kazimierz, and you can even buy a beer in a Costa. A real treat in Kraków is to try a tasting tray of flavoured vodkas. You’ll get six for about 44zł (10€).

Do and don’ts in Poland?

6 Dos and Don’ts on Your Visit to PolandDo wait for the green man. Whoever said there’s no such thing as health and safety in eastern Europe clearly hasn’t been to Poland. … Don’t talk about religion. … Do drink vodka. … Don’t imbibe in public. … Do watch out for the stairs. … Don’t take a dip in the Baltic – unless you’re brave or foolhardy. … Add to Plan.

What is a typical breakfast in Poland?

8:30 – ‘Śniadanie’ (breakfast) Poles often start the day with meat or eggs. They commonly have what they call ‘a sandwich’, meaning a slice of bread topped with cold cuts or kiełbasa, or scrambled eggs. There can also be a side of dairy – either kefir, or quark cheese mixed with radishes.

Is Krakow expensive to visit?

Krakow is quite affordable for most types of travelers. Especially in comparison to Western Europe, not to mention Scandinavia. Since it is one of Polands biggest cities, prices in Poland Krakow such as living and travel are slightly higher than in the rest of the country.

Is Krakow flat or hilly?

Geography of Krakow, Poland. Its average elevation is about 220 meters above sea level. There are several hills within the city limits, highest Sowiniec 384 m above sea level.

Can you wear shorts to Auschwitz?

Could anybody tell me if there is a restriction on wearing shorts when visiting Auschwitz? I’ve seen people wear all manner of clothes there (shorts, tracksuits) and misbehave in all manner of ways. As long as you don’t go in your speedos it’s not a problem. There’s no restriction, it’s a tourist attraction after all!

What clothes to wear in Krakow in winter?

When packing for a trip to this city in southern Poland, include warm clothes that let you dress in layers and boots suitable for walking around in the snow. You’ll want to pack plenty of sweaters, long-sleeved shirts, pullovers, pants, and maybe even some long underwear for an extra layer of warmth against the cold.

What clothes to wear in Krakow in September?

What to pack and wear while visiting Krakow in September? You should definitely pack a light jacket – the nights are getting colder and colder. During the day, long pants and long-sleeved shirts should be just fine. But don’t worry, there are still a few warm days, so you can rock your mini skirt or shorts!

Is it cold in Poland in September?

September has an average temperature of 14°C with evening lows of 9°C. In the afternoon, temperatures peak at 19°C, which is great for exploring the city and taking day trips to other regions in southern Poland.

What beer do they drink in Krakow?

Beer in Krakow Present-day Polish beers mostly resemble German lager. Note: Foreigners loyal to their favorite liquor will find all international brands of alcohol in Krakow’s shops and bars.

How much do you tip in Krakow?

In Poland tipping is expected for good service in restaurants, especially in touristy areas such as Krakow or Warsaw. The norm is to tip around 10% of the bill. You can tip 15% if the service was exceptionally good.

How many days do you need in Krakow?

3 daysKrakow is a perfect city to spend the weekend! Although there are many places to explore, you can see the most important sights and attractions in just 3 days. For your convenience, I’ve prepared a 3-day plan for you, so you can get the most out of your time spent in Krakow.