Quick Answer: Can I Punch A Hole In My Clipper Card?

How much does it cost to buy a Clipper card?

Clipper cards can be purchased at www.clippercard.com, one of Clipper’s® retailers such as Walgreens or at the Caltrain office in San Carlos.

Adult cards cost $3.

Youth and Senior cards are free.

If you are purchasing a youth or senior Clipper® card, you must complete an application to obtain a Clipper® card..

How Much Is Muni with Clipper card?

Heads Up: Muni Fare Increases Coming July 1Type of FareFare Price as of July 1, 2019Reduced Fare Single Ride (Cash/Limited Use Tickets)$1.50Adult Single Ride Fare (Clipper/MuniMobile)$2.50Discount Single Ride (Clipper/MuniMobile)$1.25Reduced Fare Monthly Pass (Muni only)$40.003 more rows•Jun 18, 2019

How much is a Clipper card for youth?

Riding the bus every day to and from school (about 40 times a month) will cost you $42 (that $1.05 really adds up, doesn’t it?). But a 31-day youth pass on your Clipper card is only $20. That’s like getting half your rides for free. You can do a whole lot more with an extra $20 a month in your pocket.

How much is Caltrain ticket?

Adult Full FareTicket Type*How to BuyTravel within2 ZonesOne WayClipper Card$5.45Day Pass+Ticket Machine$12.00Zone UpgradeTicket Machine$2.25 per zone2 more rows

How much does a Senior Clipper card cost?

The Senior Clipper Card is a good deal. You need to be 65+ and fill out an application with proof of age to get one, but there is no fee.

How much is samtrans?

Local FareCash or Mobile#Day Pass (Cash or Mobile)Adult (Age 19 through 64)$2.25$4.50Youth* (Age 18 & younger) Eligible Discount** (Senior / Disabled / Medicare cardholder)$1.10$2.00

Where can I refill my Clipper card?

Debit cards: Use online, at most self-serve machines, or at staffed locations that sell value. Vouchers: Use at many Clipper retailers and all Clipper Customer Service Centers and transit agency ticket offices.

How do you use Clipper card on ferry?

The ferry uses a two-step Tag On/Tag Off system. To board the boat you Tag On by holding your Clipper Card flat against the card reader located on the dock. Wait for the beep and green light, then board. When you exit the ferry, tag off at a card reader at your destination terminal.

How much money can you put on a Clipper card?

The maximum amount of cash value that can be stored on any Card is $300. If a Cardholder tries to load cash value that causes the Card balance to exceed $300, the entire transaction will not be processed.

What can I use my Clipper card for?

Clipper is the all-in-one transit card accepted on most Bay Area transit systems. Visit clippercard.com for a full list of retail, customer service center, ticket machine and Add Value machine locations.

Does Clipper card work on Blue and Gold Ferry?

Do you accept Clipper cards? Yes, Clipper cards are accepted on the Blue & Gold Fleet Sausalito and Tiburon ferries and all SF Bay Ferry services (except for Oracle Park and Chase Center).

Do Clipper cards expire?

Cash on your card won’t expire; time-limited passes and tickets will expire. To load a Monthly Pass or cash, customers with Clipper cards (Adult, Youth, Senior, Disabled) can load their products immediately by going to: … Clipper Add-Value Machines at San Francisco, Diridon and Palo Alto stations.

What does a Clipper mean?

1 : one that clips something. 2 : an implement for clipping especially hair, fingernails, or toenails —usually used in plural. 3 : something that moves swiftly: such as.

How do I pay my Clipper card?

– Generally, you can pay with credit/debit card or cash. If you add value to your card in person or over the phone, be sure to specify if you want a pass and/or cash value. Visit clippercard.com/value to learn when value you add online or over the phone will be available.

Does Clipper card work on SamTrans?

Clipper is an all-in-one transit card now accepted on SamTrans, Muni, BART, AC Transit, Caltrain, and Golden Gate Transit and Ferry. You can add a variety of passes and cash value to customize your card to meet your own transit needs.

Is Bart cheaper with Clipper?

The regional Clipper card is the easiest fare payment option because it has autoload and balance protection features when the card is registered. Using Clipper at BART is also cheaper because you don’t need to pay a paper ticket surcharge.

How do I know if my Clipper card has money?

To check your Clipper card balance, simply check the card reader when you tag in. You will see your balance (or pass expiration date) on the display. You can also check your balance when you add value to your card in person, by calling customer service on 877.878. 8883 or by logging into your Clipper account online.

Can I add value to my Clipper card at Walgreens?

Walgreens/other retailers Buy an adult Clipper card or load value on any type of Clipper card.