Question: What Does 3sm Mean?

What is a Mack in England?

mack (plural macks) (Britain) A raincoat or mackintosh..

What does Lardy dardy mean?

slang. : languidly and affectedly dandyish — compare la-di-da.

What does Mackin mean in text?

verb (used without object) to flirt with or make sexual advances toward someone (often followed by on): They spend their nights macking on the ladies.

What is a foppish person?

A man who is constantly checking out his outfit in the mirror might be foppish, or someone who loves dressing up in fancy clothes.

What does Dandyish mean?

adj affecting extreme elegance in dress and manner. Synonyms: dandified, foppish elegant. refined and tasteful in appearance or behavior or style.

What is Mack Daddy mean?

slang, mainly US a prominent or successful pimp. a man who is conspicuously successful with women.

What does Fobbish mean?

adjective. resembling or befitting a fop; excessively refined and fastidious in taste and manner.

What does Ybh mean in texting?

YBH. Yes, But, However! Internet » Chat.

What does macking out mean?

mack out. slang To improve the performance or appearance of something by customizing it with new components or decorations. A noun or pronoun can be used between “mack” and “out.” I bought a car for less than $2,000, then macked it out with speakers, new tires, and a sick paint job.