Question: What Apps Work With Garmin Connect?

What fitness apps work with Garmin?

Best Fitness Apps for Garmin SmartwatchesBest Fitness apps for Garmin.7-Minute Workout.

You may have used this app on your Android or iOS smartphones.

Strava Relative Effort.

Menstrual Cycle Tracking.

Strength Training+ …


What phones are compatible with Garmin Connect?

Smartphone compatibility requirements:Android: Android version 4.4 or higher.iPhone: iOS version 11.4. 0 or higher.

Is Garmin iPhone compatible?

Garmin watches do not sync with iOs–beware. I have made a comment earlier on my challenges syncing my 735x, but feel it is important to note that NO Garmin watches sync with iOs. So if you have a iPhone, beware.

Can I use Garmin Connect without a Garmin device?

You’ll need a Garmin device to record activities. … Anything else will have to be input manually. So yes, you can use it, but probably won’t do you much good.

Which is more accurate Garmin or MapMyRun?

Map my run is more accurate from my experience. There’s a 960m wheel measured dirt loop that I frequently do intervals on. MMR slightly over estimates the distance at . 99 km, while my garmin 220 typically measures it around .

What apps sync with Garmin Connect?

Garmin announces automatic sync with Strava, MapMyFitness and Endomondo. Today, Strava along with MapMyFitness and Endomondo have announced automatic sync with Garmin Connect. This means that your activities will now (or soon in some cases) automatically show up on those three platforms, should you choose to enable it.

Can you combine activities on Garmin Connect?

This tool allows you to edit fit and tcx files as well as merge them. If you merge files you can activate an option “synchronize timestamps”. After the merge you can export the file and upload it into Garmin Connect. All summary values (average speed, max speed etc) are automatically recalculated.

How do I add 3rd party apps to Garmin Connect?

Heres a step-by-step guide on how to get the Connect phone app and MyFitnessPal to play nice.Open the Garmin Connect Mobile app, then head into the app menu.Select More and tap Settings then 3rd Party Apps.Select MyFitnessPal and select Get Started and then you’ll see the option to Link Accounts.More items…•

Does Garmin Connect to MapMyRun?

MapMyFitness is excited to announce a new partnership with Garmin. The partnership allow Garmin Connect™ users to seamlessly view their data in the MapMyFitness mobile apps (including MapMyRun and MapMyRide). When logged into MapMyFitness, users can opt to link their Garmin Connect account to automatically sync.

Why is my phone not compatible with Garmin Connect?

NOTE: Make sure that your Garmin device is within Bluetooth range of your smartphone and that the Bluetooth setting on your device is not turned off. Either of these factors will result in your Garmin device not connecting to sync with the Garmin Connect App on your smartphone.

Is Garmin Apple compatible?

Garmin Drive App Requirements: iOS 12 and higher on iPhones and iPads. Android v6. 0 (Marshmallow) and higher on Android devices.

How do I add connections to my Garmin?

To add an individual to Connections:Open the Garmin Connect App.Open the Menu: … Select Connections.Select.Input the Connect user’s full name or username (case sensitive) in the search bar.Select Connect next to desired username.More items…