Question: How Can I Book Train Tickets Immediately?

How many days before train tickets can be booked?

Essentially, passengers will be able to reserve train tickets up to four months in advance.

“Ministry of Railways has decided to increase the advance reservation period of all Specials notified from 30 days to 120 days,” it said in a statement on Thursday..

Can I book two tickets for same person in flight?

But the answer to the question is no — it is absolutely not against the law to book two tickets for the same day on the same route. … Or if you absolutely insist on booking multiple tickets, make sure they’re on different airlines so you don’t draw attention to multiple bookings.

What is current booking in train?

@SYED_Iftekhar_Hyder Current reservation means that the reservation made on the day of travel few hours before train departure time. So for any train, if there are seats available on the date of its departure, railways opens it for booking under current availability.

Can we book train tickets online?

A. To book train tickets online, log on to the EaseMyTrip website and click on the train tab. Search trains for your preferred route and date and then check availability. If your tickets are available, you can proceed to next step. If there is waiting list, you can still go for booking your train tickets.

Can I take ticket in train?

You can travel by buying a platform ticket from the station and board the train that will take you to your destination. What’s a platform ticket? … However, if a passenger has a railway ticket on the same day, a platform ticket is not required.

Can I cancel ticket after chart preparation?

E-tickets cannot be cancelled after chart preparation. No refund of fare shall be admissible on the ticket having confirmed reservation in case ticket is not cancelled or TDR (ticket deposit receipt) not filed online up to four hours before the scheduled departure of the train, according to the IRCTC website.

How can I book my current reservation?

Go to Current Booking Availability page. Type Name or Code of Station in “Current Booking Availability” form. Wait for the station suggestion list to appear and select your Station. Click on “Get Cuurent Availability” Button.

How many hours before train ticket can be booked?

The first reservation chart is prepared four hours before departure, while the second one comes out 5 – 30 minutes before departure. Henceforth, you can book your train tickets until the second reservation chart has been prepared.

What is train chair car?

Executive chair car: An air-conditioned coach with spacious seats and legroom. With four seats in a row, it is used for intercity day travel and is available on the Tejas, Shatabdi Express and Double Decker Express. CC. AC chair car: An air-conditioned coach with five seats in a row, used for intercity day travel.

How can I book train tickets before 30 minutes?

Train ticket booking rules: 5 things to know 2. From today, the second reservation charts will be formed between 30 minutes to 5 minutes before the scheduled departure. Passengers will be able to book during this period. 3.

Can we book train ticket after chart preparation?

Current Reservation after Chart Preparation: The traveler can either book the ticket online or consult the TTE in running train and request him/her to generate a ticket for the route. … Vacant seats will be visible and can be reserved 4 hours before train departure from that station.

Can we book two tickets with same name?

Yes, you can book 2 tickets with the same details for the same train. But, the PNR numbers should be different, ie seperate bookings have to be made. This can be done in both IRCTC reservation and Booking counter reservation.

How can I book train ticket before 1 hour?

From November 12, you can book a railway ticket online 30 minutes prior to the departure of a train. Railways has also made changes in its system of preparation of chart, which would now be prepared twice.

Can we book train ticket on same day of journey?

VIKALP Scheme in Railway Reservation VIKALP is reservation scheme where waitlisted passengers can opt for confirmed seats in alternate trains running on the same route, on the same day. This facility is subject to seat and train availability and doesn’t attract any additional charges.

How do I book a last minute train ticket?

On the home page of ✅ a new option to view “CHARTS / VACANCY” will be available. On click of this option, journey details such as train number, journey date and boarding station will be taken from the user and on entering the same the user will be able to see class-wise and coach-wise number of vacant.

How can I book my reservation in Irctc?

Click on Book Now option > fill your details such as name, age, gender, and berth preference. * Then the IRCTC will provide you an option to book ticket only if the confirmed berths are allotted. * Enter your mobile number and the captcha, and then click on the ‘Continue’ booking option.

How do you check if a train seat is empty?

Check Train Seat AvailabilityVisit on “SEAT AVAILABILITY”You can enter “Train Name” or “Train number” (if you know) in the test field.Click on “Check seat Availability”Choose a date that you would like to check the seat availability.Choose source station and destination station.Choose class.More items…

How can I get immediate train ticket?

Starting today, you can book a railway ticket on the IRCTC website, 30 minutes prior to the departure of a train. … First reservation chart would be prepared four hours prior to departure of a train while second and final one, 30 minutes before the train departs, a senior Railway official said.More items…•