Can I Withdraw Money In Italy?

What ATMs to use in Italy?

To find an ATM in Italy, look for an Italian Bancomat with the affiliations you need (Cirrus, Plus, etc.) In Italy, Bancomats are clearly marked and are found outside banks, or in behind a door that opens when you swipe your card.

You can also find Bancomats in airports and at train stations..

Where can I get cash in Italy?

The best way to get cash in Italy is to make an ATM withdrawal when you arrive. The Visa or Mastercard exchange rate applies and is better than any rate you’re likely to get exchanging currency at an exchange office or a bank.

What are the ATM fees in Italy?

The amount varies from bank to bank and also depends on the type of account and bank card you have. Normally, banks charge a withdrawal fee and a foreign currency transaction fee. These fees apply on every transaction; and may be either a flat fee or a percentage (usually in the region of 1% to 3%).

Should I exchange money before I travel to Italy?

No, no, no. The cheapest and most convenient way to obtain local currency is to use a Mastercard or Visa branded debit card at a bank owned ATM. Getting a hundred or so euro from you local bank prior to departure is a good practice but some will say just use an ATM at your arriving airport.

Can I use my ATM card in Italy?

If your ATM card is on the Mastercard/Cirrus or Visa/Plus networks (look for the name and symbol on the back of the card) then you will be able to get cash out of Italian ATM machines.

Can I use my debit card in Italy?

Debit Cards and ATMs in Italy. Speak with your bank before you travel in order to be able to use your debit card in Italy. As long as there is no block on your account, you can use foreign debit cards in Italian ATMs and in any shop that accepts credits cards (because the handheld card reader accepts both).