Can An Employer Press Charges For Theft?

What happens if you get caught stealing money from work?

You will likely get arrested.

The company can press charges even if the money is paid back..

Call a lawyer immediately and do not discuss the case with anyone including the employer and police or DA until you have..

What is considered employee theft?

Employee theft is defined as any stealing, use or misuse of an employer’s assets without permission. … Below are some of the different assets that employees normally steal from their employers: Money – the most common asset stolen from employers.

How do you handle suspected employee theft?

What to DoMake sure your evidence is strong. … You will probably want to terminate the employee immediately. … Notify the police. … Don’t deduct anything from the employee’s final paycheck. … Don’t discuss the situation with other employees or outsiders.More items…•

Can you get fired for stealing without proof?

If action is taken to dismiss an employee without conducting a proper investigation or without valid evidence and subsequently, the employee’s explanation is found to be reasonable, the employee may have grounds to take action against the company. Employers must inform employees of their rights before any interview.

What is the punishment for employee theft?

A jail sentence would usually be between 6 months and 3 years but can be even higher in specific circumstances. The sentence can rise as high as 7 years for theft in the workplace by an employee or even higher if a lethal weapon is used in carrying out the crime.

Is stealing from an employer a felony?

You could be charged with larceny from a building which is a felony. There are other less offenses that could be charged. It will depend on whether your employer turns the matter over to the police of just fires you and does not report it.

How do I report employee theft?

If you are convinced your employee has been engaging in significant theft, you should contact the police. The police can investigate the issue as they would any other allegation of theft.

Can a company sue an employee for theft?

You don’t want your attempt to deal with theft to end up in a lawsuit against you. If you’re talking about simple or petty theft of cash or merchandise, you may be able to sue the employee for conversion. … Therefore, you could sue the employee for depriving your business of its property.

Does an employer have to prove theft?

However, proving theft in the workplace requires evidence. Your employees have rights when accused of theft, and knowing those rights can help you adhere to the proper procedures and prevent a situation in which an employee got fired for stealing but falsely accused.